Team UHS

Prof. Javed Akram

Principal Investigator
A Message by Vice Chancellor (UHS), Prof. Javed Akram

My dear Colleagues, Friends, Investigators, Federal Task Force with its Chairman & member DSMB; I am pleased to share the final version of PROTECT and with 550 subjects it's now become the largest trial of COVID 19 / SARS Cov 2. In fact, Pakistan is the first country to undertake the drug trial before viral outbreak peak. As always need your support and prayers as we kick off with launch on 06/04/2020.

I thank my entire team at UHS & PSIM for the hard work and promise to them that their hard work InshaAllah shall result in truly a land mark study to repel this outbreak, may Almighty Allah keep you all protected at all the times and May He be with us in PROTECT.

Prof. Muhammad Shahzad

Co-Principal Investigator

Dr. Allah Rakha

Co-Principal Investigator

Dr. Shehnoor Azhar

Co-Principal Investigator

Mr. Waqas Latif

Trial Biostatistician

Dr. Ali Rafi

Team Member

Dr. Usman Aftab

Team Member