UHS Covid-19 Diagnostic and Research Facility

The RT-PCR based detection of Covid-19 in PROTECT enrolled patients is performed in “UHS Covid-19 Diagnostic and Research Facility” This laboratory is established in UHS to offer high quality services to deserving patients, medical profetssionals and smooth running of clinical trials. Perhaps, it is the only laboratory in the region where entire testing is performed by PhD Scientists specialized in the area of Molecular Biology and Microbiology. Reliability and accuracy of results is maintained by ensuring the practice of multiple quality control and bio-safety measures at each step of sample processing.

Following dedicated faculty is looking after and self performing lab operations:

  1. Dr. Irfan Ahmad (Lab Incharge)
    B.Sc MLT (Pb.), PhD Medical Microbiology (Karolinska, Sweden), Post Doc I Infection Biology (KI, Sweden), Post Doc II Molecular Infection Medicine (Umea).
  2. Dr. Saqib Mehmood (HOD)
    MBBS (Pb.), M. Sc (UK), PhD Medical Genetics.
  3. Dr. Allah Rakha
    M. Phil Mol Biol. (CEMB), PhD, Post Doc 1 (Korea), Post Doc. Post Doc II (CAS, China)
  4. Prof. Muhammad Shahzad​​​​​​​​
    PhD, Post Doc I (Infectious Medicine, CAS-China), Post Doc II (UQ, Australia)
  5. Dr. Asim Pervaiz​​​​​​​​​​
    M. Phil Mol Biol. (CEMB) PhD Molecular Biology (Heidelberg, Germany)
  6. Mohsin Raza
    M. Phil Mol Biol.(CEMB)